About Guanajuato

With an altitude of 6,583 ft.,  Guanajuato has a semi-dry, temperate, and semi-warm weather. Temperatures in the winter drop top about 45°F (7°C) with mild temperatures in the summer rising up to 80°F (26°C). The months of June, and August receive the most rainfall.

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Guanajuato is a pedestrian  city, built in the valleys and on the hillsides. Most of the houses are in alleyways (which can be very steep). It's common to encounter dozens or even hundreds of steps to arrive at your destination, luckily that is not our case. However, for the normal visitor Guanajuato can be a challenging walking environment.  Needlees to say, Guanajuato is not an environment for people with walking disabilities.

English Assistance
Most of the hotels and main stream restaurants have English speaking personnel, so even if you have a limited Spanish vocabulary you will be able to get by. People in Guanajuato are used to tourists.

Money Exchange
Our suggestion to most of travelers is not to worry about exchanging money prior to your arrival into Mexico,  as most of the banks in Guanajuato have exterior ATM machines that connect to the international network. These ATMs have English menus and will serve you for a minimal exchange fee.  Although we have never heard of robberies at the ATMs here, when withdrawing money exercise the same caution as you would in your own town: make withdrawls during banking hours; do not ask for or accept help from strangers at the ATMs; and make sure no-one is watching you enter your PIN.

Guanajuato at Night
Regarding your personal safety, Guanajuato is famous for being safe. Just make sure you exercise prudence when going out at night.

Cultural Events
International Cervantino Festival,  The annual International Cervantino Festival spans a three-week period in October, with music, dance and theatre performances held in venues throughout the city.

Callejoneadas (alley performances). On Friday and Saturday nights between  8  &  9 p.m. troupes of 8  to 10 musicians (estudiantinas)  dressed in 17th Century costumes,  gather audiences in front of the Teatro Juárez adjacent to the Jardín de la Unión. The performers lead their onlookers up through the streets and alleyways, stopping at placitas (small squares) to offer songs and skits. The performance ends at the "Alley of the Kiss". This is a nice way to get a feel of the winding alleys and colorful houses of Guanajuato.

Grupo Turístico Minero, a company offering a wide variety of tours and services, with nice air conditioned vans they will pick you up at the B & B and later on drop you off. We can help you schedule your tour with them.

Local Artisans, numerous local artisans sell their products and crafts. Visit the shops of Gorky González, Capelo, La Cruz, Mayólica Santa Rosa, Ojo de Venado, El Dije, and El Viejo Zaguán, to name a few.

La Casa de la Abuela, a gallery offering a selection of Guanajuato arts and crafts, as well as antiques, and unique jewelry pieces.

Hidalgo Market, besides being a historic architectural jewel this building exemplifies the traditional Mexican market. It is also where shoppers find baskets, embroidered dresses, pottery, jewelry, rebozos, and huaraches.

Vázquez Talavera is a local shop of Talavera (traditional ceramic work) with fun items.  It is the shop where our Talavera comes from.

Dulcería La Catrina, a local shop of traditional Mexican candy, their candy is homemade locally and shopping there stimulates the senses.

Eco Tours, a company dedicated to exploring ghost towns, old mine's ruins, as well as forested landscapes, and cliffs close to Guanajuato.

Santa Rosa National Reserve, a Wild preserve ideal for hiking, mountain biking and bird watching.

Spanish Immersion Programs
Guanajuato is the ideal spot in Mexico to study Spanish, being a small and quiet university city (comparable to Granada and Salamanca in Spain) and far from the tourist cities (such as Cancún or Cuernavaca).

Because it was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO there is a wealth of architecture, culture, and history to learn about Guanajuato.  All kinds of levels taught at various schools, here are just a few:

Don Quijote is located nearest to Villa Sueño Azul in Colonia Pastita.

Plateros Spanish School is located nearby the main square.